Most Commonly Used Keyboard Shortcuts in Ms Excel

Shortcut Keys Description
 Crtl A  Select All contents of the age
 Crtl +  B  Bold highlighted selection
 Crtl + Copy selected text
 Crtl + P  Open the Print window
 Crtl +  F  Open Find window
 Crtl + G  Go to dialog box
 Crtl + I  Italic highlighted selection
 Crtl + O  Open File
Crtl+S Save File
Crtl+U Underline highlighted selection
Crtl+V Paste
Crtl+Z Undo last action
Crtl+Y Redo last action
Crtl+N Create new excel file
Crtl+End Move the cursor end of document
Crtl+Home Move the cursor beginning of document
Crtl+Arrow Move the next selection of document
Crtl+Tab Move between two or more open excel files
Crtl+Space Select entire column
F1 Help
F2 Edit Cell
F5 Go (to Reference)
F12 Save As

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